Baking class in rawang started their 1st week by learning techniques and basics of baking. Everything has been provided to participants to maximize their learning time. All ingredients, recipes, and snacks are included, as well as the use of kitchen tools.

Week 1 our participants learnt about the tools used in baking as well as which ingredients are the best used to get good tecture and taste. The training was focused on baking biscuits such as chocolate chip cookies, short bread and brownies.

Different types of cookies are first discussed. Then, they learn the appropriate techniques to use in each recipe. Key areas covered  included understanding  how to manipulate the spread of a cookie to understanding how to increase or decrease the chewiness of a cookie.

This is a hands-on training and the cookies they bake in class is allowed to be taken home for their enjoyment.

It is wonderful to be able to bake fresh, tasty, and healthy Cookies in your own kitchen.

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