Here at Helping Hands, we are always looking for volunteers to help us reach out to more people in need.

When you register as a volunteer, you will need to select which aspects of voluntary work you would be most interested in. If  we require assistance in an area that matches your selection, we will contact you to see if you are able to help.

Assist Our Help Centre
Sometimes, especially after major ground events, we are overloaded with reports and cases. During these times, we at the Helping Hands Operation Centre may need some extra hands in the office and we might call you for help.

Become our Field Agents
As we are an NGO, we don’t always have the man power and ground workers to help us visit the people who have reported their issues to us. If there are any cases near your location, we would really be grateful if you could lend us a hand and be our eyes and ears on the ground  to verify the cases.

Help Organize Events
A major part of our operations involve organizing ground events to link the community to available resources like healthcare, business aid and welfare. Having volunteers at these events to help us with the crowd and operations will be a great assistance to us.


Become a Volunteer

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