While many whine about their day jobs or their employees, a 51-year-old single mother seems to love her job as a trailer driver, and praises her employer as “the best in the world”.

It seems like nothing can bring Rokiah Salim’s positive manner down – not even a group of drunkards who tried to assault her once she was driving her 10-wheel trailer.

Rokiah, who calls herself ‘Kakak Lori’ says driving a trailer is not as difficult as it seems, although some women may fret getting their hands soiled in oil, and their faces greased by the end of the day.

The mother of two sons, who has a bubbly personality, reveals her antics through videos uploaded on her Facebook page, Rosalekka Salim, with one of her introduction videos gaining over one thousand views, urging more Malaysians to take on the job as a lorry driver.

“We can earn at least RM4,000. If you are hardworking you can earn up from RM6,000 to RM7,000,” she shared with Harian Metro, adding that she had previously worked in a factory for 18 years.

“Last time, work was more difficult because it was always stressful, especially when my employer got angry, but now driving a trailer is easier and I can earn a relatively high income,” she revealed of her current job that requires her to pick up containers from ships at the Penang Port and deliver them to the depot for repairs.

Rokiah hopes that her viral videos would inspire the younger generation to take on a job as a lorry driver and dispel any negative perception by the public, especially those who perceive the task to be difficult or dangerous.

“Many graduates choose to remain unemployed, while there are many vacant positions, including as lorry drivers. Give it a try, and do not keep relying on your parents’ money,” she advised.

It is clear that Rokiah is an adventurous and high-spirited soul who loves her job very much, and it is not every day that we would come across someone who drives a trailer and is proud of doing so.

Let’s all be more like Rokiah, appreciate our jobs and what we have, work sincerely, enjoy life and make the best out of it while we still can!

Source : Malaysiandigest

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