Kannan a/l Chokkalingam is an Indian citizen married to a Malaysian citizen. He has three children and they are all Malaysian citizens. While Kannan has been in the country since the age of two and married legally for the past 11 years, he was still finding it difficult apply for the IC. He approached Helping Hands.

We informed him that while a foreign lady after 2 years of PR can apply for citizenship, a foreign man can apply only after 12 years of residing in the country. However we advised his that he can appeal against it if the marriage is legal in Malaysia and if he has children. Following our advice, Kannan appealed to the National Registration Department (NRD) and provided all the documents required. His appeal was upheld and was given a letter of eligibility for applying for Malaysian citizenship.

Our officials assisted him in the application and follow up procedures. He received his citizenship within six months of application and is very appreciative for all the assistance rendered.

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