Helping Hands started a charity and welfare programme to help the less fortunate women from the region few months ago.

This week, we provided monetary aid to help the family to food and grocery products while assisting them to improve their life with jobs and business opportunities.

We provided initial capital for Mr Hari Krishnan to start a small business of selling soft drinks in the afternoon during his free time. He is a School Van Driver and sole breadwinner to his family, but due to financial constrain he is starting up this small business for some extra income.

Ms Illawarasi is paralyzed below her hips due to an accident and couldn’t work ever since. She couldn’t work and has no family to take care of her. She is under her aunties care now and we provided financial aid to support their daily needs.

Mrs Ramayee’s husband has recently become mentally disorder and they lost their sole source of income. Ramayee is finding a hardtime to get a job due to her age and she has to take care of her husband. We provided financial aid and helping her to find a permanent job or startup a small business.

Mrs.Valli has no support from her children’s since they are all married with their own families. She is old and has severe knee problem. She couldn’t find a job as this age and struggling for daily needs. Helping Hands has offered financial aid and helping her to find a more permanent solution.

Mrs. Thavamini is a single mother with 4 young kids and one of the kids aged 6 is under treatment at Selayang Hospital. She has no welfare support at the moment. She gets some help from her brother but its insufficient. We helped to register her to welfare and referred her case for medical help as well. Helping Hands gave her some financial aid as well for her kids medical expenses.

~ You have two hands, one to help yourself; the second to help others ~

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