Geetha Shreeramah has received her TEKUN loan to expand her business.

Geethaa Shreeramah is from Ampang.  She sells all kind of shoes and slippers in the night market (Pasar Malam) together with her father. She starts her business at the market from 5 pm in the evening to 11 pm daily. The income is very useful for her to support her family.

Geethaa always wanted to expand her business to earn more income. She had plans to import shoes from Thailand and India to offer more varieties to her customers. She was doing a small scale business, and realise without more working capital it can’t grow to the next level.

Geethaa approached Helping Hands for assistance in making her dream come true. Our Helping Hand Field Officer took Geethaa along with several other ladies to SEED organisation and guide them to apply the business loan, (TEKUN) that was offered. She went thru the procedure and submitted all the document required and wasted no time in grabbing this once in a lifetime golden opportunity.

After several weeks her loan was approved and she received a cheque for RM18, 881.00 to help her expand her business.

Geethaa said the amount is very helpful to take her business into the next level. She promised to use it wisely and succeed in her business and plans to open her own Shoe Boutique in future.

TEKUN loan is a strong basement for her business to expand and achieve the next level.

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