Kannan Chokkalingam

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Kannan a/l Chokkalingam is an Indian citizen married to a Malaysian citizen. He has three children and they are all Malaysian citizens. While Kannan has been in the country since the age of two and married legally for the past 11 years, he was still finding it difficult apply for the IC. He approached Helping Hands. We informed him that while a foreign lady after 2 years of PR can apply for citizenship, a foreign man can apply only after 12 years of residing in the country. However we advised his that he can appeal against it if the marriage is legal in Malaysia and if he has children. Following our advice, Kannan appealed to the National Registration Department (NRD) and provided all the documents required. His appeal was upheld and was given a letter of eligibility for applying for Malaysian citizenship. Our officials assisted him in the application and follow up procedures. He received his citizenship within six months of application and is very appreciative for all the assistance...

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Jamuna Alagapan

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Jamuna a/p Alagapan was the usual youngster from Kepong with not much interest in her studies. Her mother Madam Nagamah is a single mother and was very worried about the future of her daughter. She heard about Helping Hands though one of her friends and contacted us to get advice. Our official met Jamuna personally and found out that she was interested in baking and advised her to take a course at vocational training centre. She was enrolled for a free baking course for six months. Jamuna has completed her baking course successfully and has already got a job in Penang. Jamuna’s mother, Madam Nagamah is very grateful to Helping Hands for helping her daughter secure a future for her...

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Juditha Usharani Anthonysamy – Part 1

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Juditha Usharani a/p Anthonysamy is an enterprising mother of two college going children. She runs a kiosk in Cyberjaya along with her husband. Due to a nerve disorder, her husband is unable to work. While business is good, she was unable to find finance to expand it. She approached Helping Hands for assistance. Our officials informed her on the various loans available and advised her to apply for a loan from TEKUN. We assisted her in the process of application and followed up for her. Juditha’s loan has been approved and also cheque received. She has used the loan amount to expand her business by providing more supplies for her customers. Read Part 2...

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Anbarassi Kuruppah

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Anbarassi a/p Kuruppah is single mother of four children. Her husband passed away some years back. She does cleaning jobs to look after her children. She had lost all her documents including her husband’s death certificate and there was unable to get any help from anywhere. She heard about Helping Hands through one of her son’s school teacher and had contacted us. We helped her re-apply for her husband’s death certificate and also advised her to apply for the PPR flats. She has already applied for the PPR flat and waiting for a response from...

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Maleha Batumalay

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Maleha a/p Batumalay is a single mother of three children. She is a housewife and does not have any business know how or the finance to start up anything new. She approached Helping Hands for assistance. Our officials enquired with her about her interests and her circumstances and advised her to apply for ice blender / shaver through 1Azam. She has already received the equipment and with the help of it, she has started a small stall selling cendol, etc. This has helped Meleha earn some income for her...

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