Life is always about moving forward and opening new doors even if means we have to make changes. Here the team too has had to make some changes to better serve the community.

We have now evolved to become Helping and we are merging with other networks such as the Malaysian Indian Club Forum to develop a huge community base while reaching a larger audience.

Though was successful in carrying out several programmes and reaching out to thousands of Indians, we realised that there were also non-Indians who had come to us for help. Many were just as poor and just as in need of help.

It was also easier to facilitate funds, resources and help for the Indian community, if they came under the umbrella of the Malaysian Community, since the whole nation was moving towards merging as a Malaysian community.

Nonetheless, Helping Hands’ focus will still be largely the Indian Community our team, volunteers are our programmes are custom-made for the Indians.

In the last one year, Helping Hands team has reached out to more than 10,000 people and linked them Government and private resources including welfare, financial assistance, skill training, education and birth certificates.

We are also focusing more on mainstreaming children by helping process their birth certificates; register them in the schools and even enrolling those who are older in skill training

As for women, we have linked them to a complete health, financial assistance and business training package. Through our nationwide Mobile Clinic programme we provide health screening thousands of women and follows up with free mammograms, and other services. These programmes do vary and are based on the needs of the community.

Please visit our website and I do hope you continue to support us and be in touch with us.

Thank you.

Datin Vasanthi Ramachandran